Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mellow Yellow

Absolutey loving the color yellow. In fact I am working on a scrapbook page all about why I love it. It makes me feel happy, sunny, light. As I was taking some pictures i realized that I have surrounded myself with yellow; coffee cups, shirts, flowers. Loving all of it. It makes me smile

Jordan update: We got the results from the endocronologist and he has Hashimoto's disease, just like I do. It sounds bad but it's not, at least not if you take medication. So he will start on it tomorrow. It's a small pill that he has to take everyday, for the rest of his life. I wonder if it will help get him up in the morning. Hypothyroidism makes you feel tired and cold all the time. The doctor told us that if you had to pick a medical condition to have, this would be the one. I guess I feel better.

Andrew had his check up today and he is doing well. Weight is still on the low end of the curve but overall body mass is OK. Working on eating a variety of foods; he could live on pb&j. Also trying to work through emotional breakdowns when things are off, like forgotten lunchboxes and loud music. The school is also working with him to get him through those moments without giving in to the meltdown. But overall development is good. Honestly, with three kids and between check ups, dentists, eye doctors, endocronologists and the occasional cold, I think we have all had our fill. My next task is to get Jordan to the orthodontist for some prep work for braces. Ugh!

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