Sunday, May 20, 2007

Driving Mom Crazy!

Not the kids. We had a blast last night at the Mother Son Event at Jordan's school. It was the CHA Amazing Race. We started at the school and were given a clue for the next stop. We had to figure out where to go and then complete the task so that we could get the next clue. We went to Baskin Robbins and had to get samples. We had to find a Dream Dinners and make a dinner to take home. We went to the train station to get a total for tickets to Union Station. And the mom's had to hit a ball at the batting cages. We ended up back at school for an Ice Cream finish. Jordan and I had so much fun figuring out the clues and doing the tasks. His favorite part was the Chinese Fire Drill we had to do before leaving the school. What a great event for everyone.

Here's a picture of the kids new favorite activity:

Sofia sits in her doll stroller and the kids push her back and forth in the living room while she yells, "wheee." They have so much fun that we can't stop them.

Hope everyone had a fun weekend.

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Sue said...

Hi Betty,

I just love your blog and hope that you continue to write!

Actually, you could compile all your blogs and sell it to a magazine or publish a book!