Monday, April 30, 2007


Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Sue, Andrew, Mesha, Derek and Mike.
Happy Birthday to you!

We had so much fun (as usual) at the Brockett birthday party for all the April and May birthdays. Opening all of the gifts was crazy but fun. I didn't get very many good pictures, sorry Melissa.

Andrew was so excited to be celebrating his birthday early. He has been asking me everyday "How many days until my birthday?" I think this celebration may have confused him, but today he reminded me that he is still 4 years old.

A little crazy this week with Jordan's First Communion on Saturday. So thankful to our friends Jay and Marisol for hosting the party at their house. I know it is going to be beautiful. Got Jordan's outfit on Friday. No suit. Slacks, white shirt and a clip on tie. Cheesy, but with his gag reflex, I'll be glad if he keeps it on.

It really feels like the last couple of months have gone by so fast. And it is continuing to move fast. I am just trying to keep up.

Right now we are in the backyard where: Jordan is doing his homework and working on a dinosaur project. He will miss school tomorrow for a Dr's appointment (more on that tomorrow) so the teacher sent home some classwork. Sofia is playing on the slide and running around telling me to "get down"; that's her new phrase. She just got her foot stuck in a toy tractor. Andrew is building a home for the ants with rocks and leaves. He is eating an orange from our tree and feeding them the peels . They must have read a book at school because he wants to know where they live, what they eat, if they like water. I love when he comes home asking questions; really makes me think too. Thank God for Wikipedia.

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Anonymous said...

It's OK Betty....but I am jealous that Derek made the blog. I know I'll make it someday if I just keep trying. :) Love reading about you and your family! -Melissa