Thursday, April 26, 2007

3 out of 5

3 of us woke up coughing this morning. I've had a bit of a cold for a while now. Sofia now has it and she woke up at 5 AM coughing and crying. And now Andrew has a stuffy nose. Could it be this harsh change in weather? Raining and cold one day and wearing shorts the next. We skipped out on a field trip to the strawberry patch with Andrew's class this morning. No one wants us hanging around coughing and sneezing.

Despite that I had a fun day today. I happened to check in on someone's blog this morning and I got sucked into this contest to win a bunch of scrapbooking items. We had to guess what this lady had for breakfast, silly I know. I didn't guess the right answer but I posted a comment that lead to the right answer. So she emailed me and said that she was sending me the goodies TOO! I was so excited. If you've ever bought scrapbooking items, you know that it can get pricey. So I'm always up for something free. In case you are wondering the answer was popcorn dipped in nutella.

Thought I would share some pictures of Sofia enjoying one of her favorite snacks, yogurt.

Here she is feeding herself with a spoon. She is refusing to sit in her high chair these days, time for a booster already?

Here she is really enjoying every last bit of the yogurt.

Here she is upset that it's all done. Maybe I need to get bigger portions. The girl can eat.

At her 18 month check up she finally hit the 20 pound mark. She is small for her age despite the fact that she eats like a mad woman.

Tomorrow I am off to get Jordan's outfit for his first communion next week. Not sure how he will react to the tie requirement.

The boys are keeping themselves busy. Jordan is reading his non-fiction book for his book report. He chose to read "Is There Life on Mars". Which is interesting because he can barely get through E.T. because he thinks it's scary. It makes for some fun dinner conversations.

Andrew is learning how to spell out words and write them on his magna doodle. He just asked me how to spell "I love you cause you are overdramatic." I don't know where he comes up with this stuff.

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