Thursday, August 13, 2015


last saturday jordan and his band had a gig in hollywood. his rock band, as opposed to his marching band from school. jordan and his cousin, my nephew chris, started playing together about 3 years ago. pretty much the time that jordan's been playing drums. he is on such an awesome musical journey.

the club where the boys played is a spot meant for young musicians who want to show off their talents and get some experience playing before a live audience.  it's a "no alcohol, all ages venue" and the perfect place to showcase young talent.

the boys feel comfortable here. they've played here a few times. it's a private venue for just a handful of family and friends or a room full of fans.  of course, they rocked it.  they played a 30 minute set with originals and covers.  they have a good flow for their show and it's been incredible to see them grow as musicians and showmen. the highlight for me is when they play come together by the beatles. i remember when they played it for the first time and i was blown away.  they keep getting better and better.

this was the show before my nephew chris heads off to college. he is going to florida state but will spend his freshman year in spain - lucky guy.  he has been instrumental (heehee) in lighting the musical fire for jordan. this kid can play anything, guitar, piano, drums, he even plays the ukulele. he is the group's vocalist and he writes the music. he is basically a musical genius.  he is the kindest, most dedicated young man.  he will do great things and be an outstanding human grown up.

jordan will miss him.  chris is more like an older brother than a cousin.  they share this immense love of music and it has bonded them for life.  jordan played the drums in the garage for hours rehearsing and learning new music.  being a part of this band gave him someone to play for, an audience that appreciates it, and a motivation to be a better drummer.  now he's teaching himself to play the guitar.

junior is the talented bassist of this group. they met while the three of them were playing in another band.  jordan and chris broke off from that band, too much drama, to start encore and junior came along. we are just getting to know him but he's been a driving force of this group as well.

they let us staple the ticket stub to the wall and my sister in law put it right next to echosmith's ticket for good luck.  everyone starts somewhere, right?

these kids have played at a guitar store, a restaurant, a street fair, a high school concert and this venue. each one of them is ridiculously talented and dedicated to this little band of three. what a fun ride for these boys.  they have something special together and i'm excited for what the future has in store for each of them.  keep following your dreams.

i'm not going to call this their farewell performance, it's just the last performance before college. i will call for an encore of encore when chris is back in l.a. and we'll be sure to invite you.

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