Monday, August 3, 2015

2015 weekly menu #32

chia seed vanilla pudding with strawberries and almonds - great breakfast and dessert
it seems we've been waiting all summer for today. august is the month of preparation and new beginnings. jordan starts band camp today and school in 2 weeks. the kids are reading and getting supplies and books together for the new school year.

august is about getting back to work but also enjoying the last bit of summer and relaxing. my mind is in 25 different places at once.  so i've got to focus on my to do list, responsibilities and commitments.

this month bobby and i have recommitted to the whole 30 program. we did it last august, right before our toronto trip - which ruined everything. it helped to clean up our eating and get away from some bad habits - sugar in the evening, mindless snacking, too many carbs.  hoping to see some similar results this time around and keep them going.

weekend eats
saturday: mexican food
sunday: bbq at my parents; ribs, salad, mashed potatoes

making this week
monday:  albondigas soup
tuesday: roasted chicken and vegetables
wednesday: turkey dogs, kale chips
thursday: bang bang shrimp, cole slaw, garlic green beans
friday: salmon with mango & pineapple salsa, asparagus

i'm basically recycling our menus from last august with a few new recipes i've seen.  here's to cleaning things up, starting anew and feeling better. happy august.

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