Tuesday, June 8, 2010

please send help

having terrible computer issues that are driving me crazy.  mainly that it is running V.....E.....R.....R....Y slow.  it started a few weeks ago when half of my iPhoto library went missing.  you can imagine the panic, fear and anger that i felt at opening the program expecting to see my pictures and seeing nothing!  after a desperate search, i found the originals still on my hard drive and was able to save them to an external hard drive where they will be safe and sound for a while.

but since then, the computer has not been the same.  it's running slow, keyboard is acting weird (i wish you could see how long it is taking to type up this little post.) and things are not where they should be.  so she is going into the repair shop on saturday.  well at least the genius bar, hopefully it will be a quick fix.  and while i'm there i'll pick up a laptop, an iPad and reserve the new iPhone. right, honey?

today is the last full day of school for the boys.  and tomorrow is the last day for sofia and the boys.  then let the summer begin.  do we have plans?  yes and no.  i will have to wait until the computer is in working order to share our plans with you.  i can't link pictures or websites right now.

for now, trying to enjoy these last few moments of peace and tranquility before it is kids 24-7.  maybe it's a good thing that the computer is not working so i can be busy doing other things.

hope you are well.  wish us luck with the computer.  i will update soon.


Mackenzie said...

Not the computer! Good thing you had the hard drive...hope it's a quick (and cheap) fix. And while you're there on Saturday, you can put a new iPhone on hold for me too! :) Miss you, B's!

Gaby said...

Glad to see you're (semi) back up and running!!