Wednesday, March 3, 2010

happy march

month 3, day 3.  3 is my lucky number.  it feels good and happy and cheerful.  and the birthday countdown has begun. 6 more days, yikes.  feeling good and happy and cheerful.  some birthday plans are going on.  dinner, friends, maybe disneyland.  i have gotten so many coupons in the mail for birthday shopping.  that should be fun.  maybe some of those pretty things on my wish list. it's getting longer and longer.

this friday i am teaching a scrapbook class at my sister-in-law's house.  i have kits prepared and music and some fun ideas in the works.  and if it goes well i have two more classes with other friends that i will put together.  fun.

getting over the olympic withdrawl.  still have some nights recorded because i fell asleep or we weren't home so i can catch up on those and still feel like it's going on.

bad news on my lens.  it's broken.  the new one that i bought for our italy trip.  i have to send it in to be fixed.  what a terrible time for this to happen.  i have lots of pictures to take this month.

good news with my hands.  they are much better.  the right had got the injection and is feeling great.  the left hand feels ok, still some numbness but i will hold off on the injection unless it gets uncomfortable. looking forward to taking a break from all of the dr. appointments. i will definitely be missing the physical therapy.

sitting here having a rare quiet moment while the boys are at ccd and sofia is playing in her room.  hoping everyone is well and   enjoying the first few days of march.

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Mackenzie said...

Glad your hands are feeling better! And I'm having Olympic withdrawals too...only 2 years until the summer games!