Monday, November 2, 2009

a sick but happy halloween

yes we were sick.  who knows if it was the swine flu or not.  The kids missed a few days of school.  i didn't have time to be sick.  i was helping with the halloween carnival.  so i waited until friday afternoon to get it.  and i'm really trying to get over it but it's not going well.

so we had the carnival at school on friday and it was a success, even if we didn't win the raffle for the apple laptop.  the boys couldn't come until later because they were on 24 hour fever free watch.  but they made it in time for lunch and a few carnival games.  unfortunately this is the only picture i have of sofia in her costume.  she came down with a fever on saturday and was too sick to join in the festivities.

bobby worked so hard on those costumes and the kids loved them.  pretty cool, huh?

we went to kernville on friday afternoon.  we had been told that it was so much fun, really small town, community feel.  and it was.  unfortunately i was sick and then sofia got sick.  but the boys were able to go trick or treating and enjoy the night.  they got a lot of comments about their costumes.  we had a barbecue and passed out halloween candy.  it was pretty cool.  check out the cute pumpkins they carved.

sunday morning we came home because jordan had his last swim meet.  he was tired, getting over being sick and really not in the mood to swim, but he managed to win three trophies in the three races he was in.  this guys is a superstar.  the coach asked him to join the club team which would involve year round swimming.  he's thinking about it.  maybe after basketball.

so everyone went to school today.  i am trying to stay awake.  and i have another event this month.  i am chairing our annual grandparent's day at school.  the invitations went out last week and i have a committee meeting tomorrow to get organized.  looking forward to thanksgiving this year and of course i am thinking about christmas.  see there is no time to be sick.

hope everyone had a happy halloween.

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