Tuesday, April 1, 2008

no fools

but lots of . . ."i don't have homework today. april fool's." "i didn't eat my lunch. april fool's" "i didn't get a treat at school today." and after i gave him a treat he says "april fool's. i did have a treat at school." he got in trouble for that one. but i forgave him because today there is a fine line between april fool's jokes and lies. and he is walking that line ever so carefully.

here's the "treat" he spoke of.

we made these for each of their grades. almost 60 of them. super easy to make. i saw them on this website and couldn't resist making them for school. the kids loved them, but weren't fooled that it was the real deal.

sofia and i are struggling with the potty thing. we had four days of success and today she didn't go all day until 3pm when we were picking up the boys from school. at that point i resorted to a diaper because i knew what was coming and i wasn't ready for it. so she went in the diaper and she is back in underpants. we'll see how it goes. this is so emotional for me. on one hand i want to be free of the diapers (and save the $50+ we spend every month on them) and on the other hand it is the last of the "baby stuff" around here. but i'm ready, she's ready, we are all ready. so let's go.

and that's no joke.

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