Monday, April 28, 2008

life is good

we have been enjoying life around here. it feels like summer has begun already. it's been so long since my last post that i missed by blog anniversary. it would have been 4/24. it's been a year since i started this blog and kept a written record on a somewhat continuous basis. it's been fun and i hope everyone enjoys checking in every so often to see what we are up to.

so let's get updated:

since my last post, jordan came back from his outdoor adventure trip very happy and comfortable with being away. kind of glad that we know he can manage without us for a few days. and he was even wearing different clothes than the ones he wore when he left. that's always a good sign. he got home on a friday and saturday he and i took a surprise trip to sacramento to visit my friend april and his friend owen. it was a surprise to all three of them. i was there to celebrate april's 39th birthday (wink, wink). we had so much fun shopping at the outlet mall, going out to dinner and seeing a play at this oh-so-tiny playhouse. i even met some of her friends and loved the adult, yet girly conversations. we had a flight home on sunday, which made it a super short trip.

since then we celebrated march/april/may birthday's with the brockett clan. i can't believe it's going to be andrew's 6th birthday soon. seriously, where has the time gone? yes he was in need of a haircut and he got one, but not very short cause that's how we like it. we are having a baseball birthday lunch at our house on his actual birthday.

we celebrated good report cards at robbin's basket (as sofia calls it) and we went to disneyland on a no school day. sofia loved the princess coronation ceremony where she saw belle, sleeping beauty and mulan up close and personal. andrew and jord rode splash mountain and loved it.

sofia and i are enjoying some new toys at the house. i bought this cute game at target the other day. the spinner tells you the color or shape that you need to pile on the sandwich next. and every time you do sofi and i have to say "woaoaoa" until it topples over. she really has fun with it. and she received the cutest little camping set from our friends last night. it's a car that is pulling a trailer with beds, camping chairs, an ice chest and campfire. too cute.

so this weekend we had a chance to visit some old friends and make new ones. friday the kids and i had a playdate with a family that also has three kids; one in jordan's class, one in andrew's class and one that goes to sofia's preschool. and the similarities don't end there. both jordan and rebecca, the eldest girl, are avid readers and writers. jonathan and andrew had fun playing lego star wars together and running around in the backyard. sofia and rachel played princess dress up and rode scooters. and it's great when we enjoy the parents too. they invited us to stay for dinner, thai food, bobby's favorite. and the best part is that they live in granada hills, not too far from us.

saturday we visited a friend of bobby's whose daughter just turned one. i so wish i could post a picture of her, but i need to get permission from them first. she is an absolute cutey!! and so happy. the kids were wild about getting to "swim" in their hot tub. the bubbles made sofia giggle. we were just a few miles away from our friends the conroys, so we stopped by for a visit and ended up staying for dinner, yummy cuban food.

finally yesterday we went to andrew's t-ball game. this was the first day that they were doing coach pitch. andrew was the last batter and he smacked it both times. i was jumping and screaming from the stands with excitement. the little guy did it!! so proud of him. of course he also played catcher and refused to put his glove up to stop any of the balls, but whatever. we then had our friends the winter's over to celebrate christmas. yes, i said christmas. we see each other all the time but hadn't made a date to celebrate and exchange gifts until now. i think we will make it a tradition to celebrate way after the holiday.

so that's about it. i'm all caught up and will try to post again soon. trying to work up to 100 posts. hope everyone is well. leave a comment just to say hi so i know who is visiting us here.


Mackenzie said...

Not like I really need to leave a comment, but just in case you forgot that I check your blog 10+ times a day, here's another comment. I love the adventures of the Mitas family! I wish my adventures were more fun! :) Can't wait to see you guys again!

Love, Kenzi

P.S. This Wednesday is 39 cent scoop day at Robbin's Basket in case you needed an excuse to go again :)

Mackenzie said...

oops...I mean 31 cent scoop...even better! :)

Gioconda said...

Kenzi, you just made Bobby's day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Betty, Like Kenzi I check your blog 10 times a day and just shared with all my friends here the beautiful pictures. They think the one of Sofia - close up -should be in a magazine! Of course they are all partial to "Princesses". Love it, have a great day. Love Sue

Anonymous said...

Hi! This desert rat loves to read about all the family life in paradise. The photos are a treasure, too. All in all, your sharing provides a wonderful connection. Love, Beth

Lawrence said...