Monday, October 15, 2007

set back

wow. what a weekend. we've had three full days of running around with the kids. i am so tired. i thought the weekends were about relaxing. friday after picking up the kids from school and going to swim class, we went to the miniature golf park for a birthday party. i was hesitant to go with all three kids and no other helpers but i want andrew to have a chance to make friends and i should be social with their mom's right? not really. the kids were running all over the place. did you know you can sweat playing miniature golf? well if you are running around chasing boys and a 2 year old, you sweat. the kids enjoyed it but it was too much for me. by 6:30 pm when i was finally driving home i had had it.

saturday bobby took the boys to t-ball practice and then to a carnival at a friends school. i stayed home with sofia and started making vests for jordan's class performance. a columbus day play. we have to make vests for 24 children. then it was church and dinner at our favorite mexican place.

yesterday was a swim day. so we were up early and at the pool by 8am. jord had three events again but it was not his day. he finished 6th overall in the backstroke, yah!! but when it came to freestyle they moved him up a level based on his last meet and he didn't fare so well. not sure if he was tired, full from breakfast or just not into it that morning. we would love to see improvement every time he swims but i guess you don't always get that.

andrew's t-ball team tried hitting the ball as it was pitched to them by the coach. very funny to see and the kids did amazingly well. andrew got a hit. but to see him as the catcher again, and again he dropped the ball. then as pitcher and he doesn't run after the ball, i wonder if maybe they are just not aggressive enough for these sports. i think they may be missing the competitive gene. when it was over and we were ready to go home, sofia injured her arm. we've seen this happen before. becky remember the wild animal park incident? anyway she cried a lot and because it has happened before, we decided to take her to the emergency room. by the time we got there she was fine and we felt kind of silly for being there. but we had her checked out anyway. well, she has nursemaid's elbow. and that basically means that her bones are weak at the elbow and they can easily be moved out of place. the doctor showed us how to pop it back and that was it. no x-ray, no casts or splints, not even a bandaid. just a tutorial on how to set her arm back. well that and $100 co-pay for emergency room attention.

now it's monday morning and it feels like we never had a break. even jordan commented on how sundays are supposed to be lazy and relaxed. well, i don't think we ever really had those days even before sports and injuries.

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