Monday, August 13, 2007

Good Monday Morning

we are having a good morning here. jordan is on swim practice vacation until friday, so we were able to just hang out this morning and play. had a good weekend.

saturday we were invited to see the "Go Diego Do" live show at the kodak theatre in hollywood. my good friend juliet had two tickets, so andrew and i had some mom and me time. i wanted to add more adveture to the day by taking him on the subway. it's just one stop from the universal station to hollywood and highland. once i finally figured out the ticket machine we were on our way. four minutes later we were there. easy. the show was alright. lots of singing and dancing and spectacle. and boy were we happy that baby jaguar got his growl back. andrew has never been the kind of kid that talked back to the tv in these interactive shows. and he really does not like to sing in public. so he did his own thing silently. i wanted to get up and mambo but i didn't want to block the little kid behind me. afterwards we had lunch at johnny rockets. then four minutes back to our car and home again.

saturday evening we had a visit from the frazier family, minus daddy rex, who we missed. owen and jordan have been friends since preschool and our families became friends because of that. so it was great to see them and have fun together again. we feasted on sushi and cheeseburgers and ice cream cones. owen brought over the coolest paper airplanes. the kids were amazed and i think pretty disappointed with the airplanes that i have made them in the past. loved spending time with this family. miss them so much. can't wait to see them on their next trip to LA in a few weeks. we've already booked a sleepover.

yesterday morning was beach day. met our friends at this restaurant right on the beach. literally the tables are in the sand. great for families because the kids can play in the sand while the parents chat. the conroys and the warners were there. my friend michelle was able to make it even though she is going to give birth to her second baby any minute. she looked beautiful with her round belly but ready to get going on the birth. hopefully i will be able to share some pictures of the new little one soon. and the best thing is that they don't know if it's a boy or a girl. they already have a little boy named keith. wishing her a safe and pain free delivery.

then at the last minute we decided to go to duarte to be with my family for the afternoon. my aunt was visiting from ensenada and we wanted to see her. had a very hot afternoon at my other aunt's house while the kids enjoyed the pool. sofia was jumping in yelling "cannonball". she was even trying to swim on her own. all i could do was hold my breath each time she went under water and moved her legs. every single time she came up with a big smile on her face and said "more".

so it was nice to have this morning to take it easy.

hope you had a good weekend.

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