Monday, October 19, 2015

2015 weekly menu #43

smoked salmon tartines from le pain quotidien
what a week and what a weekend.  we know the fall is a busy time for our family with football, parade and softball season but then you add in a (part-time) job, bar/bat mitzvahs, school plays, and halloween and there is barely enough breathing room on the calendar.

we have a few more weeks of insanity before we can relax...if at all.  and then thanksgiving, christmas and the new year will be upon us and there will be other things taking up our time.

i really needed the 75 minutes in yoga class this morning to breath, focus and remind myself to be present along the way.

this week looks a little gentler for us.  let's hope it stays that way.

weekend eats
saturday: bat mitzvah late lunch/small meal before going to see annie
sunday: mexican food

making this week
monday:  chinese food from trader joe's
tuesday: lasagna soup, garlic bread
wednesday: enchilada casserole, salad
thursday: halibut with bacony corn saute
friday: football game

i couldn't even tell you what we ate last week.  lots of take out or leftovers.  we had meetings and band practice and a baseball game and a homecoming game.  feeling a lot better about staying on track this week.

have a happy monday!

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