Monday, December 2, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 49

bobby made the pumpkin pie using this recipe.

feeling happy and grateful and really tired.  these last five days were so good, so good. but getting up this morning and back to the grind was hard.  good thing is that we have 3 weeks and then we're off on break for 2 weeks.  bad thing is i have 3 weeks to do what needs to be done for christmas.

we got a lot done this weekend; finalized the christmas list, planned our december weekends, cleared some space in the garage, ordered christmas cards, put up the christmas tree and decorated the house.  so i guess i'm feeling accomplished as well.

this week it's all about making use of the leftovers.

weekend eats:
saturday: chinese take out
sunday: tacos, rice and cake to celebrate bobby's birthday

making this week:
monday: turkey pot pie ; )
tuesday: creamy white bean soup, bread
wednesday: tacos, rice
thursday: pasta with homemade ragu
friday: deep dish pizza

on thanksgiving i also started the mile a day challenge.  i'm running one mile everyday (more if i have time) between thanksgiving and christmas.  working my way up to training again in january.  i'll have to run more than a mile a day in order to burn off all of this holiday food! follow me on instagram and keep me motivated.

have a great week.

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