Friday, November 1, 2013

a happy halloween

this past week went by in a flash.  a week ago i was anxious about bobby coming home and now i can't believe he's been here for 7 days.  it's an adjustment for all of us but we are happy to be a family of 5 again.

one thing i kept on my mind while he was gone was that by halloween he would be home trick or treating with the kids. and he was.

the day started off at our school's annual halloween carnival.  the pto puts on this event on halloween day which makes it exciting (and exhausting) for everyone.

there was a parade on the sport's court with each grade showing off their costumes.

sofia, as a disco girl, and her friend madison.

andrew, as a hobo, and his horse friend chance.

after the parade the kids came down to the lower parking lot where class booths had been set up with fun games and activities.  we had a trackless train, bouncy houses and acroflights, face painting, pumpkin decorating, a book fair, snacks and lunch.

it's one of the biggest events the pto puts on and it's always so creative and fun.

after closing up the carnival, the kids and i went to jordan's water polo game.  they played crespi which is our biggest rival in the league.  unfortunately, our varsity team lost in overtime which knocked them out of the playoffs, but the jv team won 6-11!!  go knights.

we left pierce college and headed across the valley to trick-or-treat with friends. the kids were energized and eager to fill their bags.

we went to to get candy.  i have never seen so many people walking around. there were lines at people's doors, amazing decorations and one house gave out king size candy bars to everyone!

one street had a table set up to give out candy to the kids and another table with wine and cheese for the adults.  yup, we're coming back here every year.

by the end of the day my feet were killing me, i felt exhausted and drained, but my heart was happy. we were together as i had imagined and that's the best treat of all.

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