Thursday, September 6, 2012

ooh september!

you only just got here and already you're showing me whose the boss.

you started off beautifully with a wedding in long beach.
a mix of cultures and traditions.

young love that inspired us.

 a photo booth and good music.  we had a blast.

then we celebrated 18 years of marriage.  a drive down the coast.  enchiladas and a shrimp burrito. time alone at the beach.

some gourmet cupcakes.

then it was back to life and school and schedules.
we're struggling getting back into the routine.

throw in some intense running for me, some intense swimming for jordan and some intense work for bobby and we get it.

september, you are going to challenge us.
you are going to make us question our dedication and drive.
you are going to pull us in 20 different directions to see if we can take it.

but we got this.

we'll enjoy our fantasy football games.
we'll celebrate the birth of a nephew.
we'll celebrate a milestone birthday for a family member.
we'll laugh at book of mormon.
we might even have a great time in vegas.

ooh september, you won't get the best of us.
it might be messy but we'll come out of it better than we started.

and just so we're clear, you're not the boss of me!

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Alexa said...

Love this Betty! You can rock September for sure!