Friday, September 3, 2010

one year ago

we were celebrating our anniversary in italy, just the two of us.
we were eating french bread, pesto and an egg for breakfast.
we were having a cappuccino after every meal.
we were discovering ancient cities.
we were driving around in a little stick shift car.
we were saying "grazie", "scusi" and "per favore".
we were listening to a guitar player on the ponte vecchio.
we were loving the pizza, pasta and gelato.
we were missing the first day of school.
we were falling in love all over again.
we were sleeping in and staying up late.
we were drinking vino and lemoncello.
we were celebrating 15 years of marriage.

today bobby and i are celebrating 16 years of marriage.
we are not going away.
we are going to dinner and a movie.
and then we are painting the house, romantic huh?

our relationship has grown over the last 365 days.
we are a better team.
we have laughed more.
we understand each other more.
we are settled.
we have plans.
we are very happy in the now.
i love him more today than i did a year ago
he inspires me.
he makes me think.
he calms me.
he protects me.
he makes me feel loved.
he makes me laugh.
he gives me strength.
he holds my hand.

even though we are not in italy.
even though the kids will pull us in 20 different directions.
even though we will only have a few hours alone together.
even if there will be a little girl in our bed in the morning.
even if we are going to see a "chick flik"
today will be just as special because we will be together.

happy anniversary to the love of my life.

ETA:  Check out The Simple Dish to read about the food we ate on our vacation.

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Melissa said...

So sweet! Happy Anniversary you guys! XOXO