Friday, December 4, 2009

december daily - day 3

here is the page for yesterday.  i just finished it.  yes, we are throwing a holiday party on saturday.  we decided on a white christmas theme and asked our guests to come in white.  the menu is centered around white food, cheeses, tarts, ravioli, chicken, white wine, you get the point. 

today we had colonial day at school for jordan. each of the parents chose a station to host and we had to prepare and bring what was needed for the activity.  there was candle making, johnny cakes, quill pen writing, lanterns, even a classroom with a mean, old teacher (sorry michelle).  bobby chose games and i did quilt making.  bobby's group played horseshoes, had a three legged race, and made whirly gigs.  we made quilt squares and hand stitched leaves on them.

i was surprised at how much the kids enjoyed it, even the boys.  they caught on so fast and really made them look special.  we did have one little accident, a bleeder.  but he was ok.  we had lunch and then saw a presentation on the printing press.  they also had ben franklin visit the kids and talk about life in colonial america. 

everyone dressed up.  we opted to piece together costumes with stuff we had at home. luckily i still had jord's vest from when he presented a book report on ben franklin.  we added a long sleeved white shirt from old navy, a pair of sweats and bobby's socks and his tennis shoes.  sometimes comfort wins out over authenticity.

i felt more like an altar boy than a colonial woman but it worked for the occasion.  here i am with the school mistress, miss whipsemall.

i'm so glad we get to do this again . . . and again.  maybe we will invest in costumes for next time.  thanks sue for all of your supplies and help. 

have a great weekend everyone.

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Anonymous said...

I just cannot imagine Michelle as a mean teacher!! It looked like a blast - whenever you are ready I have patterns for colonial outfits!
Love Sue