Monday, August 24, 2009


with things to do. with packing. with school supplies. with dr appointments. with emotion.

we leave on friday. the kids start school in one week. we are planning and preparing and trying to get through the next few days without going crazy. i want to kiss them and hug them all day but they won't let me. sofia keeps asking me if we leave for italy today. she can't wait to spend some time with her grandparents.

bobby and i have our flights, passports, hotels for florence and rome, car rental, guide book, a 'few' new clothes and lots of nerves. how much italian can you learn in 4 days? not much. mi chiamo gioconda. arrivaderci. prego. un caffe per favore. how far will that get us? there are times when the excitement is more than i can handle and there are times when the fear of leaving my kids for 10 days makes me not want to take one step away from them. i trust that they will be taken care of and i know that this is something that is long overdue for me and bobby but they are my everyday. my morning and night and everything in between. i will miss them and will be anxious to get home to hear about school and what adventures they had. ok enough of the sappy stuff.

i will share my travel book tomorrow, just putting the finishing touches on it. it will be a good place to put notes, thoughts and eventually pictures.

this week we have haircut appointments, eye doctor appointments, swim practice, and lots of laundry and packing. anyone want to come over and help?

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Mackenzie said...

I'd love to come over to help! Unfortunately, I have to be at the hospital all day...bummer! But I do wave to you guys as I drive past your exit on my way to/from work. Does that count? Hope you have a terrific trip!